a better approach to member management

We help you see your approach to member management differently. We understand the messiness inherent in member management and strive to simplify this. We partner with you to transform your approach in the ways that matter most, empowering you to become a market leader in the member industry. Learn more about us >>

Speedy, seamless migration and set-up

We won't leave you to setup alone, we offer a hands-on implementation and project management experience.

Replace admin time with member time

Offer a member only portal with all the tools your members need to manage their profile and applications themselves.

All your data in one easy-to-use solution

No need for multiple Excel spreadsheets and confusing double entries. Manage your individual and corporate members all-in-one.

Say goodbye to repetitive,
manual tasks

With numerous automation and workflow trigger
options, meaning less really is more.

Instant payments, streamlined reconciliations

Offer online payment options with seamless integration into your accounting package.

Know and understand your members better

Advanced reporting and analytics allow for easy insight into your member behaviour.


In three easy steps we will have you up and running, ensuring a smooth transition into our world of member management.

Our system has many in-and-outs to it. We've tried to keep the key features as easy to understand as possible but a tailored demonstration will give you a better overview of what we offer.

Learn more about our history, where we are as a team and where we see ourselves going - all underpinned by our every present company values. 

Our SAQA clients 

The E2 as a company and the staff are very supportive and do not hesitate to give advice and direction to ensure that our operational requirement were met. To date their attention to what we do and what we may be doing incorrectly is greatly appreciated. Where there have been system challenges from their side they have been in contact with us immediately - Sharon Haigh
CEO | Contact Centre Management Group (CCMG)

Still using paper application forms?

Automation empowers you to focus on the work that matters, removing the need to perform manual, repetitive tasks. With MYMEMBERSHIP®, you can configure a number of application processes (such as become a member, apply for a designation and more) to handle even the most complex scenarios.

Double entries giving you a headache?

We integrate with various financial accounting solutions and payment gateway portals to ensure all the pieces of the puzzle come together. Work from one central database, avoiding the need to duplicate invoices, tasks or entries. 

Is it data load time with SAQA?

We know how pesky those bi-annual data loads with SAQA can be. Lucky for our clients it's been a breeze getting the green light on-time, every time.

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We are South African based with footprints in Namibia and the United Kingdom