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We believe in providing the right information at the right time. Below we’ve listed some of our key features that we think are basics for any member based organisation to thrive and strive.

Member only portal

Once registered, the member can login to the member only portal where you can tailor different information for different individuals according to their membership type, special interest group, branch and more.

Manage my profile

Members can view, add and update their personal information, reset their password and access membership certificates or other templates loaded.

Register for an event

Members can easily view upcoming events, manage events they have registered for and access important event information all from the member portal. 

Earn CPD points

Members can earn CPD / CEU points by viewing activities such as articles or videos; take an online multiple choice questionnaire and receive a branded certificate that loads to their profile.

Access online training

Purchase or access training material loaded to your community with the option to take an assessment thereafter to receive a certificate of completion.

View my finances

Members can view their financial statements, pay outstanding invoices online and access copies of previous invoices for membership fees and other financial transactions.

Apply for a designation

If you offer the option to become a designated or credentialed member of your organisation, members can apply online and view the status of their application.

Admin dashboard

Easy-to-use and intuitive, our administrator back office saves you time, helps to reduce data errors and avoids double handling. The admin portal allows you to automate and manage daily tasks to ensure your focus as an admin is all about your members experience and delivering better services in real time. No need to deal with numerous service providers, we offer you all the tools needed to help grow your organisation.

View and update member profiles

Search your database, view member's contact, CPD, designation, training or other information. Send direct communications to a member and more.

Additionally, at the completion of each course, a green Certificate button will appear, allowing you to immediately download the certificate. If this doesn’t work, it may be due to your popup blocker on your web browser. In any event, they are stored in your profile.

Send bulk communications

Admins can view a range of branded email templates, setup email and SMS campaigns, filter the database to send to specific members by type, special interest group, demographic and more.

Create and market a new event

Setup events with multiple sessions, profile events and sessions according to membership type, special interest group and more - require payment or make the cost to attend the event more for non-members.

Add training material and manage results

Add new courses to your member portal with the option to profile which members can view or access this material, require payment or make the training free. Manage member results and pull training reports.

View membership and designation applications by stages

Easily setup a membership or designation application process. Assign reviewers, assessors or moderators to applications. View where members are in the membership or designation application process.

Add CPD activities and access member CPD reports

Add new CPD activities for members to access. Pull various reports on your live CPD activities. Manage member CPD points by sending automated current CPD point status reminders and more. 

Create online surveys and polls

get key insight by engaging with your members through the use of branded surveys. You have the option to save the members response against their profile for future reference, or make the survey anonymous if need be. 

Extract or report on key data

Easily setup and extract a report of your individual and corporate database. Tick or untick which fields need to show in the report and download to CSV or Excel format. 

Manage renewals and other member financial transactions

View outstanding invoices, remind members to pay. issue bulk invoices and more. Want to automate it? No problem, setup triggered renewal reminders with the option of generating an invoice after payment. 


We understand that your organisation exists in an ecosystem of governing bodies, funding bodies, branches, events and other suppliers. Our membership management solution harnesses the power of automation and integration to connect every piece of the puzzle. We partner with third party best-of-breed to ensure you get the best out of our solution.


Make it easier to not only be legally but also financially compliant. We integrate with various accounting packages so that financial transactions between your organisation and members are seamless, connected and in-line with industry best practice and standards.

Online payments

We allow for multiple payment options for renewing membership, accessing training material or registering for an event. We integrate with a number of popular payment gateways to provide a variety of options for transacting financially with members.


We integrate with various marketing tools to ensure you can communicate with your members through events, courses and email and SMS campaigns. These communications can be targeted to specific segments of your membership and branded, ensuring you maintain your own voice and solidifying your brand.

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