Delivering a new and improved secure self-serve portal for ICFP that drives member engagement

Institute of Commercial Forensic Practitioners |

The Institute for Commercial and Forensic Practitioners (ICFP) were looking to improve their member engagement and take the opportunity to introduce online processes for applications and other transactions, specifically aligned to the Protection of Personal Information Act requirements.  

Our solution, using MYMEMBERSHIP®, leveraged the experience of delivering similar requirements to other Professional Bodies together with our dedicated team. E2 commenced with an in-depth engagement with ICFP leadership, and an analysis of their current manual processes, culminating in the establishment of an online secure self-serve portal. We designed the portal to meet operational requirements all while keeping the brand identity of ICFP in place.  

In a nutshell, individuals wanting to become part of the Professional Body for various reasons will create a profile by filing in their basic biographical information. An automatic email with their unique username and password is sent, allowing the individual to login to the branded ICFP self-serve portal. From the landing page, individuals can update their profile, reset their password, register for an event, or apply for membership. Access to this portal is available 24/7 using an internet browser.

A key requirement for ICFP was having the ability to acquire new sign-ups from the public as well as engage with their current members all while remaining POPIA compliant. One aspect, together with various others, was implementing the requirement of accepting ICFP’s terms and conditions for accessing the portal, as well as giving them the ability to track consent using our reporting tools.  

The move to a more engaging and automated self-serve portal was successfully executed, with current members embracing the new ways of interacting and new members transacting successfully with ICFP.