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We are South African based with footprints in Namibia and the United Kingdom.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Don't see the answer to your question listed below? Contact our sales and marketing department or make use of our help widget located at the bottom righthand corner of our website. For admin support, please login to the admin only area where we have setup a number of help files for use or email our support team.

What is membership management?

Membership management refers to the management of a group of individuals that belong to one community, association, organisation, club or other name used to describe the member based holding group. MYMEMBERSHIP®️ offers organisations that have a membership base an online software solution to make this management and administration process of their members modern and easy. 

Where are your offices?

 A decision was taken to virtualise the entire business with effect from January 2019, wherein all our employees now work remotely. We have found this approach to be highly effective for our field of work and has paid-off given recent global pandemic events.

Are you B-BEE and POPI compliant? 

Our turnover is currently under the gazetted threshold, making us automatically B-BBEE compliant. We have assisted a number of start-up companies over the year with monetary, knowledge-based and other capital investments as we strongly believe in developing our country and it's young entrepreneurs. For POPI compliance information, please contact Sean on rean@e2.co.za given this is an ever-evolving field requiring regular updates.

How much does it cost?

We charge a once-off implementation fee that covers the setup of a website for the public and a secure members only portal as well as training on how to use our administrator back office.  This is quoted on according to the complexity of the setup and the number of administrators requiring training. Thereafter there is a monthly license fee based on the number of active members your organisation currently has.

How is MYCPD®️ connected to MYMEMBERSHIP®️

MYCPD®️ and MYMEMBERSHIP®️ are the two flagship software products of the E2 Group. MYCPD®️ focuses primarily on offering online CPD content to professional in the healthcare industry. We consider MYCPD®️ to be a niche online training community that actually makes use of the MYMEMBERSHIP®️ software to allow for online signup and payment, access to the secure member only portal and management and tracking of a members CPD portfolio. 

Do you cater for medical companies wanting a branded CPD platform?

Yes, we have a number of big name brand medical companies currently making use of our membership management software as a marketing tool to a select group of doctors within a specific therapeutic area by offering the doctors access to free CPD activities. We then have the ability to track and report on sales representative activity.